Thursday, November 9, 2017

Annual Halloween Project.

This is my 2017 Halloween project. As well as jumping off my Sci-Fi concept frames and doing something a bit creepier, I also wanted to test the limits of how Procreate (the app I use to draw on the iPad) handles larger files. The end document is roughly 200 megs and is 15x 17 (unflattened) which it seems is about the maximum size that you can work in with this program. As you get closer to this range of scale the program begins to limit the amount of layers that you can have going at once so apparently the program itself knows its limitations. I worked with just 4 layers which was a bit uncomfortable. On two or three occasions, I had to create elements in other documents and import them. Over all though it was a fun exercise. The concept of the piece is based on a project that a friend and I are working on.