Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Time!

As a storyboard artist you can have a few days here and there when you're not booked. This tends to be one of the more stressful aspects of being a freelancer.  I think that most freelancers that work on a project to project basis usually have the benefit of having multiple days if not weeks of work to look forward to.  This generally isn't the case in my work.  Most projects are 1-3 days long for ad work in particular but you can just squeak by on 1-1.5 days of work per week financially if you have a decent day rate. Thus, as a storyboard artist you tend to have some open time to pursue other interests.  I have several projects outside of storyboarding such as a stopmotion film (the set is nearly complete and I'll have pictures up soon), drawings, advertising online/print materials and a variety of other things that I do to advance my artistic endeavors.  This is a sculpture that I just finished yesterday.  The photos are really crappy because I used my phone camera but I'll be taking some portfolio quality pics soon.  I'm a huge fan of vinyl toys and definitely would like to produce some of my own at some point. If you're not familiar with the phenomenon check out  Summed up, it's designer toys that artists sell for $$$. I'm hoping to do at least three or four others this year and start developing a toy portfolio. I'll tell you that I don't have the slightest idea of how the market works but I'll be ready if opportunity knocks as it tends to do.

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